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    1. Currently, we do not know what Hypzif protein does. Further research to understand hypzif protein is protein localization (how Hypzif function during conjugation) and Hypzif protein binding partners

    1. Based on my understanding from this course, I do not think T. thermophila makes mistakes because during conjugation the double strand DNA breaks and after conjugation these breaks are repaired as though it never broke.

  1. Why is Rad51 known to be highly expressed after inducing DNA damage? Is it a methylated gene that become un-methylated? Great poster and presentation

    1. Rad51 is known to be highly expressed after inducing DNA damage because a lot of experiment has been done to confirm upregulation of Rad51 after inducing DNA damage. I cannot tell if Rad51 is methylated.

    1. Proteins will be tagged with green fluorescence and viewed under a fluorescence microscope to identify the function of Hypzif and its activities.

    1. I believe there are other genes that could possibly be involved in DNA repair but I was not able to identify one based on the gene I studied. I believe my course mates might have studied a gene that is involved in DNA repair.

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