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    1. Yes! This experiment can be replicated using other template DNA. We are using Tetrahymena Thermophila as our model organism because it is easy to grow/maintain, and they repair DNA damage A LOT. However, many model organisms can be used and deciding which gene to study all depends on the hints you have from the gene expression profile for example. Say another gene had a promising profile and I predicted it to be associated with the pathway, I would most definitely expect to see the same results, which is a brighter band after hydroxyurea treatment.

  1. What would the data look like if you had used nonfunctional primers? Would bands simply not be presented, and is this how you would know if the primers hadn’t performed correctly?

    1. Exactly! If Figure 2 in my poster had not presented any bands of the expected length or any bands at all, that is our indicator for using non-functional primers. If this was the case, we would design another primer pair to test or utilize previously designed primers that we know work.

    1. Unfortunately this experiment does not tell us anything about the mechanism or specific function of the Tetco61 gene within the cell. Although we know that expression appears to increase, this is as deep as our conclusion can reach. This is a great question for future directions!

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