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  1. In the future if given the opportunity, what further experiments would you like to run on this specific gene and why?

  2. Since Hyproc14 levels did not increase with induced damage, do you think the means of inducing this damage would yield different results? Why was hydroxyurea used to induce damage?

    1. The way DNA damage was induced in this experiment through hydroxyurea could very well have played a role into why the level of expression of hyproc14 didn’t increase. Hydroxyurea was used to induce damage because it was an easy, efficient, and well-known way to unnaturally induce damage within the cell. If I were to somehow look at the changes in expression in natural DNA damage during reproduction, my results could have very well varied from what was presented in this poster.

  3. Could you have possibly used a DNA microarray in determining the expression of genes in differently affected cells?

    1. Given more time, more training, and greater access to more lab resources, this would be an excellent idea in determining Hyproc14’s changes in expression in different cells effected by different things used to induce damage towards the template cDNA. This is a great idea!

  4. As referenced in future directions, how could the Hyproc14 gene be further researched for its other involvements in catalytic or metabolic processes?

    1. To answer both Kotryna and Ava, I could look further into what circumstances during conjugation Hyproc14 increases in expression level to further develop an idea of what it actually does within Tetrahymena thermophila. I would have to start very general given that there is not much known about this gene to start with except for when it’s expression level increase during reproduction. I could radioactively label the gene’s product and track it’s movement and location in the reproduction process to gain a general understanding of where this gene’s product ends up.

  5. Would it be possible to do several trials on the gel in order to make your results extremely valid?

    1. Given more time for this research project, I would have loved to run multiple RT-PCR reactions and gels with this gene to do my best in confirming the results I presented today. Unfortunately, time wasn’t on my side to take it further.

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