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    1. Upec being unlikely to be involved in the DNA Damage Response is important within the realm of genomics research as it proves Upec is not likely to be involved in the cell cycle arrest and DNA repair, or apoptosis, having little impact on the cell’s ability to respond to the changing environment, as well as its control over protein production and volume control.

  1. How long were the bacteria treated with the double strand break inducer? Would you expect a cell’s place in the mitotic cycle when treated to matter for this experiment?

    1. We got DSBs with every replication cycle (24, 48, 96 hrs for most cells) and it usually takes 120 hours for them to disappear completely.
      T. therm self induces DNA damage during conjugation, which occurs during the differentiation of the developing somatic macronuclear genome from the germline micronuclear genome.

  2. Apologies if this posts twice- it looks like my original comment got eaten from my end. I was wondering how long the cells were treated with the damaging agent as well as if you felt that the mitotic phase they were in a the time might matter for this experiment.

    1. As a hypothetical protein, Upec has been found in several phylogenetic lineages which are homologous to genes of unknown function, and currently has no Gene Ontology Annotations or homologs. However, Rad51 and other proteins involved in DNA damage do exhibit consistent expression patterns similar to that of Upec.

  3. Said that Upec expression pattern indicates down regulation as a result of its expression of decreasing in the presence of HU . How does that correlate with bp length in the image? Does it mean its a larger bp or that the bands match in the lanes. How do you get that conclusion from the electrophoresis lanes

    1. The expression pattern can be seen in Figure 3: Analysis of Upec expression pattern indicates possible downregulation. The two key point are the Rad51 vs the GS primers. The Rad51 shows a expression pattern indicative of DDR, in which the second band is brighter, and both bands stand around the 900bp marker. However, we can see in the GS, that the band gets dimmer after treatment with HU, with both bands around the 200bp marker.

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