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  1. Very nice presentation! How effective is gene knockout in determining gene function, are there some functions that you would not be able to tell from a gene knockout experiment?

    1. Hi Melia, thank you for your question! I am not super familiar with gene knockout experiments as this was not the focus of our research. However, it is definitely something I would like to research more about.

    1. One additional experiment that could be performed is a gene knockout experiment. This would help us determine the function of Setk by showing how cellular functions are impacted when this gene is absent. Another experiment would be an immunofluorescence experiment which would allow us to visualize where in the cell this gene is expressed.

  2. What exactly is tetrahymena thermophilia and how does it play a role in the broad scope of this research?

    1. Tetrahymena thermophila is a unicellular eukaryote. It was studied because it cuts up its own genome when it mates which means it must be good at DNA repair and may utilize proteins that haven’t been discovered yet.

    1. We used Rpp0 as a loading control because it is a gene in the T. Thermophila genome that is known to be expressed under normal conditions, but does not play a role in the DNA damage repair pathway.

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