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    1. Ummm. I just want to ensure that the 0 expression of my gene is not caused by primer issue. So I use another primer to redo the PCR. I’ve just done it today. This time I got the expression of my gene.

  1. As you mention your future directions, you discuss redesigning a primer. In what way do you plan on doing this? How would this experiment indeed prove safe application in the future?

    1. Because when I verified my primer, I used the mRNA reverse transcripted cDNA and found that my gene had a very small expression. Therefore, I think it may be that there is a problem with my primer in the laboratory, which leads to the lack of expression. I want to eliminate this possibility to ensure the accuracy(safe) of the experiment.

    1. The CG ratio, the length of the product, self-pairing ration, the melting temperature (of the hydrogen bonds between bases )

    1. When electricity is applied to the liquid, the DNA molecules flow from the negative to the positive. If this happens in the gel, then the speed of their movement slows down. Small molecules get to the positive faster. The bigger the molecule, the slower it moves.

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