6 thoughts on “C63 – Hogin

  1. For the future directions, are you planning on further testing the Rfc1 gene with DNA strands only, or are you going to try and test it with mRNA and RNA as well as DNA?

    1. It would be a combination of both. In order to design new primers we would need to work with DNA strands, but in order to test expression levels we would need to use mRNA and RT-PCR.

    1. Hydroxyurea is a chemotherapy agent that damages DNA in cells in order to slow or stop cell growth. For our purposes, it damaged the DNA of Ttherm cells allowing us to determine if our gene increased in expression when DNA damage occurs.

  2. How did you induce DNA damage? Do you feel that these genes represent any truly valuable future directions?

    1. We treated Ttherm cells with Hydroxyurea which is a chemotherapy drug that causes damage to DNA. The results from qRT-PCR were promising but further testing would need to be done to know for sure.

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