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  1. Are there any other similar genes you thought might be involved in the DNA repair pathway? Do we know what function Pprs42 does in general?

    1. Each group was assigned one gene to study throughout the semester. We do know Rad51 is involved and increases in expression and that is why we used it as one of positive controls. One of the reasons for studying this gene was because not much is known about it. We think it could play a role in conjugation, so that is what our future directions would entail.

  2. Are there many genes that have a leucine rich domain or is it a more rare occurrence to find these genes?

    1. I wasn’t sure how common a leucine rich domain, so I just looked it up. According to multiple scientific sources, there appear to more than 50,000 proteins that contain leucine rich domains.

    1. Under normal cell growth conditions Pprs42 is not involved, as indicated in figure 2, there was no band for the cDNA and our gene specific primers. Based on figure 3, we can see no bands for any of the gene specific primers, which suggests Pprs42 is not involved in the DNA damage repair pathway. We think that Pprs42 could be involved in conjugation, so our future directions would be to investigate it’s role and expression in conjugation.

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