6 thoughts on “C64 – Mifflin

  1. Do you think that in the future Tetco61 could be targeted and utilized in medicine and cancer treatment due to your findings that it is involved in the DNA damage repair pathway?

  2. Good question Eli, I think a lot more work needs to be done: first, we need to conduct further studies to ensure that it actually conducts DNA repair. If it turns out it does do DNA repair, then we need to then translate and insert this into an animal model via crispr to see if it works/is safely tolerated. It may be that it only does dna repair within its native organism, Tetrahymena!

  3. If Tetco61 does in fact conduct DNA repair, how would you make it into an effective treatment for humans?

    1. Well, I would have traditionally said CRISPR since its between diffferent organisms, but now that i think of it, an mrna vaccine with tetco61’s code may be an interesting idea

    1. If I had time and resources, to investigate the mechanism of action and conduct x-ray crystallography of the protein

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