5 thoughts on “C65 – Mulqueeney

  1. Great presentation! What made you choose to use hydroxyurea to induce breaks in the DNA instead of a different compound?

    1. Hydroxyurea causes more controled DNA breaks than some other compounds that can be used to break the DNA. Hydroxyurea allowed us to cause breaks in the DNA but not to the extent that the cell would die

    1. The original primer design PCR did not yield any bands and this was likely due to an error in the PCR set up, so I would like to be able to go back and test our original primers again with our gene and see if those primers produced any difference in expression levels compared to the primers that we used in the PCRs shown

    2. The original primers did not show successful amplification on our primer validation PCR and this was likely due to an error in the PCR set up. So, I would like to go back and retest our original primers with our gene to first see if they can successful anneal to and amplify our gene and then to see if when using those primers the amount of gene expression that we measure after DNA damage changes compared to the PCR results using the other primers

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