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  1. How would you’ve proceeded if your results concluded the Badcp gene b to be involved in DNA damage repair?

    1. We would then conduct experiments to find out what its exact role in the pathway is and how we can use this to learn more about DNA damage repair.

    1. Thanks Chrisanna! We designed primers using Primer3Plus and then ran a gel to determine if they were able to anneal correctly.

    1. We think our contamination came from loading some cDNA into a well that was not supposed to include cDNA. This is a human error and we would need to re-conduct the experiment makes sure to be extra cautious not to make the same mistake.

  2. How might you go about making sure that your controls do not lead to an inconclusive poster next time? How could you have learned from potential human/non human error?

    1. Our contamination was likely due to human error, so in order to combat this we would have to redo this experiment and take closer care to make sure we are using a clean pipette tip each time we load a new well and make sure to use sterile technique.

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