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  1. Nice presentation! I was wondering if Rad51 and Fa2h are so similar, what could be a reason that Fa2h decreases in expression (or doesn’t work) for DNA repair?

    1. Great question! Their DNA expression profile may look similar, but that doesn’t mean they serve the same purpose. There are tens of thousands of genes if not more and genes with different functions are bound to look similar at times superficially in their gene expression profile. They may also be activated at similar times, but still serve different purposes.

    1. DNA repair pathways are usually highly conserved across species due to their essential nature so what works with one species is likely to work similarly with another. It is unlikely that Fa2h is involved in DNA repair based on this research however.

  2. If you were to do more tests on Fa2h with different DNA damaging reagents are there any particular reagents that could potentially be used?

    1. Hydroxyurea is actually a drug used to treat sickle-cell disease as well as other diseases that works by decreasing the production of deoxyribose nucleotides which causes double strand DNA breaks at replication forks. For different reagents I would maybe look at reagents that mostly cause single-strand DNA breaks although I believe those are less common.

  3. Why do you think that the results for the DNA damage results in the graph were not as you expected? Was it something that occurred within the lab or was it something bigger? Is this something that you could be interested in looking into further?

    1. The results showed that Fa2h decreased in expression after being exposed to the DNA damaging reagent. Due to the similar gene expression of Fa2h with Rad51, it was expected that it would have an increase in expression. However, there were experimental errors that occurred in the lab such as evaporated PCR solutions. If I had more time I would have chosen to redo the experiment. However, other people who worked on Fa2h got extremely similar results to my own, so it may not have affected my results as much as I thought it would.

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