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    1. Due to the results from our first PCR experiment, we were able to confidently say our primers annealed correctly because there were two bright bands for our cDNA and gDNA of our gene.

    1. Due to the prevalence of DNA damage in the onset of cancer, agents such as SetK, that may play a role in repairing the DNA, may be useful for cancer treatment because for example, they may have to be up-regulated in a cell in order to prevent a cell from rapidly dividing.

  1. How did you go about designing your own primers, and how why you expect that they would anneal correctly?

    1. Using blast and benchling we were able to compare different primer sequences that were automatically generated for our gene based on effectiveness and choose the pair that had the highest likelihood of success.

  2. Hi, in the future direction, you mentioned that we can determine the role of setK gene in the DNA damage repair mechanism. I don’t have any background in cell biology lab so I have a question regarding this. What kind of experiment can we use to determine the role of setK? Would that be knock-out experiment?

    1. Yea so knock-out would be one way to determine what specifically SetK might be responsible for in the DNA damage pathway. Comparing SetK expression to other known genes involved in damage repair could be another way to specifically determine what role it may play in the repair pathway.

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