10 thoughts on “C68 – Ammon

  1. Awesome work! In future experiments would you focus on the phases where the spike occurs or test different types of phases?

    1. I would like to continue testing my specific gene so I would focus on change in expession in single stranded vs. double stranded breaks and also see if there is down regulation of the gene in order to allow another protein to take part in the DNA damage repair.

  2. Do you plan to continue your research based on the specific gene that you studied and its possible functions, or rather what factors may actually play a role in the DNA damage repair response?

    1. Similar to what I said for Cole I would like to continue research on my gene and see what other roles it may possibly play.

    1. I actually did not physically make the primers. I used websites such as cilates and primer3plus to find potentially compatible primers for my gene. Then the primers were made and given to me to validate.

    1. I think that it may respond to either single stranded or double-stranded breaks with up regulation. However, this is just based on its up regulation during conjugation and it is hard to know without testing further.

    1. I am not sure about other specific mechanisms in conjugation, I would have to do more research. However, I think that I could look at its role in the actual mating part of conjugation in contrast to the DNA damage repair pathways.

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