9 thoughts on “C68 – Becker

  1. Why do you think your data was inconclusive? Did you just need more time, were there setbacks, or were your genes damaged/not usable?

    1. Well if you look at Figure 3, you can see that there are no bands except for the ladder. Because there are no bands, there is no data so it’s inconclusive. This could have been caused by human error in addition to Hypzif not being expressed under normal lab conditions

  2. Would you do any experiments beyond what you had to do for the class (based on the big picture that the experiments in the class were based on)? If so, how would you go about doing the experiment

    1. I would do experiments testing out different conditions to see which one is most beneficial for the expression hypzif since it is not expressed under normal lab conditions.

  3. What experiments would do you beyond what you had to do in the course? how would you go about them?

    1. Yep! T. thermophila and humans are both eukaryote so they use the same mechanisms for repair.

    1. other conditions that Hypzif might be expressed in would be: pH, temperature, sugar presence
      So I would do experiments growing T. thermophila in those conditions to see if they are expressed in other conditions

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