6 thoughts on “C69 – Garr

  1. I was wondering about your labels you had for figure 2. Is the -RT supposed to indicate no DNA in the PCR sample because it should be a negative control?

    1. Correct, the -RT signifies a lack of DNA, and thus any primer contamination would show up on the gel. This is a negative control for us.

  2. This was excellent! I liked how you explained what everything meant so I could have a better understanding of everything further into the presentation. I did want to ask however if there are other target genes you can test that have similar gene expression charts to that of Hycop?

    1. Thank you! There are some genes that are better understood to be involved in the DNA repair pathway, such as one we used in this lab called Rad51. They have similar expression charts, and help us hypothesize what we expect expression charts to look like in genes of iterest.

    1. My results are completely inconclusive due to the lack of reliable controls, however the test should be able to yield interesting results, if performed again using valid untreated DNA.

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