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  1. Great presentation! I took this class last semester and really enjoyed it. In the results section, is the lack of expression of your gene after DNA damage repair shown by the two missing bands in the last two lanes of figure 3? Whats the significance of getting no bands vs a faint band for your gene? Sorry I hope that made sense!

    1. Thank you! So, the lack of increased expression is actually shown in figure 3b (bottom left) by the two bands that have the same expression. The lanes with no bands indicate our negative control lanes where we did -RT instead of +RT, so that if we got bands in those lanes, we knew something had gone wrong with our PCR set up. All of the lanes with bands are either expressed at the same rates after damage, and have similar brightness, or have a difference in brightness, meaning their expression changed. Hope that answers your questions!

  2. Very interesting! My only question is what sources of error do you think could have occurred during the experiment? Or even observations of data.

    1. Thank you! Our figure 3a gel has a bright spot on it that could be from contamination, so honestly we could’ve had some DNA contamination that we didn’t anticipate. We also had some pretty significant primer dimers in some lanes, but overall I do think our results are consistent with the consensus gels from other sections.

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