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    1. A hypothetical gene means it does not actually exist but we are studying it as if it does.

    1. This is when we compare damaged cells to undamaged cells to see how the gene does when repairing the damage. This is essentially what gives us the data to analyze.

    1. I was actually assigned the gene but we had to come up with the name which comes from hypothetical protein that is expressed in 2C which gives you abbreviated Hypr2c.

  1. Is there anyway to predict if a gene is involved in DNA repair before testing? Or is that something thats really only known after testing on the gene is done and results are interpreted?

    1. Great question. It is kind of all a gamble because you do not even know if your primers will anneal when you design them until you actually test it. That trend continues with the rest of the experiments because there isn’t really a way to know what your results will be until you have them. You can compare your gene to other genes that could homologs or very similar to get an estimate on what your gene actually should do, but until you have data to analyze you will not know for sure.

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