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    1. We chose to study Pprs42 because it currently has an unknown function and we wanted to determine if it is involved in DNA damage repair pathways.

  1. Do you know why the model organism you used cuts up its genome? As well, do you know of any other genes that have been identified that may be useful in gene repair?

    1. I believe it’s because Tetrahymena thermophila is self-replicating and it cuts its genome every time it reproduces so it can give DNA to its progeny, but I’m not 100% sure. There are lots of genes involved in DNA repair and we were comparing many of our results to the Rad51 gene since we know it is useful in DNA repair.

    1. My two lab partners and I studied this gene but all other groups were assigned to study a different genes.

  2. Great job on the presentation Ellie! I was wondering how the experiment was conducted when using the Gel Electrophoresis and how the concentration of your experiment was administered?

    1. For the Gel Electrophoresis experiment we ran our PCR products through a 1.5% agarose gel which allowed us to visualize the sizes of our PCR products and determine if our gene was expressed.

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