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  1. Other than comparing your protein structure to that of proteins with known replication function, is there anything else that suggests that this protein may be involved in replication? If not, specifically what kind of experiments could you do in the future?

  2. Hi Ava and thanks for your question.
    The structural homology to Ezra is the only reason we conjectured that Tetco61 might be involved in replication (aside from its correlation with conjugation). My group was interested in finding a chemical which would block T. thermophila from entering conjugation. We hoped that this would position all the T. thermophila at the same stage of their lifecycle so we could have most of them replicate at the same time. Then we could measure the difference in Tetco61 expression during replication compared to other times. We weren’t able to fit this in during the present semester, but we think it would be a great direction for the future!

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