8 thoughts on “C79 – Folyan

  1. Why did you use Tetrahymena specifically for your project? Why does it make a good organism for your research?

    1. Tetrahymena was the model organism used because of its natural ability to undergo DNA damage repair multiple times.

  2. Since there is a potential correlation between the gene Cory and DNA repair, is there potential for a study in the future where Cory could be harnessed to treat conditions caused by faulty DNA repair mechanisms?

    1. There definitely is potential for Cory to treat diseases caused by DNA damages. In the future more experiments could be done with the hypothetical protein to confirm just because there is not much research on Cory, but it would be worth it to study due to its presence in DNA damage repair.

  3. Great presentation! How did you measure gene expression over time as shown in your first two figures?

    1. The first two figures of gene expression maps were actually pre made and came from a website called cilates.org. They have them for hypothetical proteins(like ours) as well as Rad51 which is a previously studied one!

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