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  1. Thank you for the presentation! In the end of your presentation, you discuss trying to discover the role of this gene. How would you go about finding this, and what experiments would you do in order to figure this out?

    1. I would personally like to use western boots to study the protein size and understand different domains it may have . Then try to categorize those domains to known human domains to bridge this gap between T Therm and humans! Thanks for watching !!

  2. Great presentation! Why did you choose to include the genes RAD51 and RPPO in your research? What can can be done with your research in the future to go towards helping bacterial infections?

    1. Rad 51 and Rppo are both the controls chosen for this experiment. Rad 51 is a gene known to play a role in DNA damage repair , hence by measuring its expression we can affirmatively say that DNA damage has taken place. RPPo should always be expressed, hence by measuring its expression we can state that our set up was free from contamination. Also, if there are any bacterial infections that induce DNA damage , we could aid the body in combating that infection by designing drugs that could increase the expression of the human homolog of RLP2.thanks for watching !

    1. Not much research has been done on these genes that were isolated. That’s why this research is so exciting as it can pave a path for future experiments!Thanks for watching

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