8 thoughts on “C87 – Meyer

  1. Great presentation! If you were to perform this experiment again with another gene, would you use the same model organism?

    1. Yes! The organism we used has many unknown proteins which is one of the reasons we used it !

  2. Which one of your future directions do you think would yield more valuable research information?

    1. I think gene knockout would be the most beneficial because we would see how vital our gene of interest is to the cell!

    1. We must have messed up our PCR, so the loading control should have set the “control” or the “normal” band brightness we see!

  3. Nice job! You concluded that your hypothesis ended up being wrong. Why did you think DNA damage would increase the expression of the gene?

    1. We thought it would increase in expression because when Tetrahymena mate, our gene of interest increased levels of expression. Tetrahymena cut up their own genome when it mates so that is why we chose this gene. However, when we directly induced DNA damage, our gene did not increase in expression !

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