6 thoughts on “C88 – Naeve

    1. Since we found out that Pprs42 is a phosphatase we would want to do further testing to see if it could be a part of glycolysis since glucose phosphatses make up the glycolysis system. Since phosphates are so critical to the glucose pathway this is a higher possibility when looking at what to test next.

    1. No! All genes and parts of genomes can experience DNA damage and certain mutations may affect certain genes more (per person) leading to things such as cancer.

  1. Could damaged cells provide any benefits other than nondamaged cells if so could that be used for further experimentation?

    1. Unfortunately, damaged cells do more harm than good. When cells are damaged they are either fixed through the pathway talked about in the presentation, can mutate (which causes things such as cancer), or go through apoptosis which is programed cell death. Due to this there isn’t much experimentation done on them besides inducing damage and seeing how other gene’s expression levels change!

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