4 thoughts on “C89 – Waite

  1. You mention what Tetrahymena thermophila is used in a number of lab settings, what are these settings? Why is Tt so good for research?

    1. Hi Alexander,
      Tetrahymena thermophila is a model organism that is used in labs interested in molecular biology, physiology, and cellular biology (among other fields) and has been used to study the roles of a number of genes, antigens, ribozymes, and telomeres (too name a few). In the context of our research project, we chose Tetrahymena thermophila as a model organism because it is easily grown, has a lot of bioinformatic data available about it already, and engages in DNA repair processes frequently.

  2. Very cool. If gene Rfc1 is involved in the DNA repair pathway, what are your next steps? How can this gene be used to help people?

    1. Hi Adrien,
      If Rfc1 is involved in the DNA repair pathway, our next steps could be determining the specific functions of the protein (ex., what it may bind to specifically and where) in the cell. Knowing the functions of specific proteins known to be involved in the DNA repair pathway could allow us to develop more targeted treatments and therapies for patients with diseases where impairment in the DNA damage response is observed.

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