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    1. This is a great question! If this project were to be repeated again, designing primers for this specific gene can be a bit difficult, as the design for primers requires a specific sequence of DNA that you are trying to amplify. Since Cory is one long exon (1566 bp to be exact!), you may not have the flexibility to choose which sequence you would like to amplify, nor will you be able to design primers with a small set of parameters for Cory.

  1. what has the project brought to you in terms of better understanding the world of scientists?

    1. Knowing how rigorous these projects can be and the many factors that can go wrong while performing certain experiments, this has deepened my appreciation for scientists who choose to dedicate their careers for research. It is definitely not an easy feat to explore the unknown and trying to find possible solutions to many of problems that are currently arising in our modern society. For that, I applaud them for their contributions and dedication.

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