10 thoughts on “C93 – Stark

  1. What other genes similar to Hypzif have the potential for implications in DNA damage repair and why did you not test more than one gene?

    1. Good question! We only had this one semester to complete this work and simply didn’t have the time to perform the same experiment on multiple genes. I honestly think it’s likely that another gene like Hypzif is involved in DNA damage repair! Thanks!

  2. Great work Zee! Are there any other Tetrahymena genes you would have in mind for future directions?

    1. Good question! I know there are some other Tetrahymena genes that have similar gene expression profiles with two peaks in conjugation, so those are good candidates.

  3. Since not much was known about Hypzif, what other genes would you have chosen to see if they’re involved in DNA damage repair?

    1. I think another Tetrahymena gene with a similar gene expression profile could be researched, but maybe one that has some homology to other genes that are known to be significant.

  4. Since not much was known about the Hypzif gene, what other genes would you have chosen that could possibly play a role in DNA gene repair?

    1. The knockout could do something like totally ruin the Tetrahymena’s ability to function or mate, which would indicate to us that it’s actually involved in something critical to the organism. It’s strange that it shows no expression even in the untreated sample, so it would be interesting to see what function it is involved with.

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