7 thoughts on “C97 – Rathbun

  1. In your control PCR 2, you mentioned you used RPP0 primers because they were well known, are there any other primers that are well known and that you could have possibly used?

    1. Not that I am aware of, as we only learned about and focused on RPP0 expression. But also a great question! Another set of negative control primers could be used in future experiments.

  2. Do you have any ideas for how your gene is being used if not for DNA damage response? Also, great work!

    1. It is a high mobility box protein so it works in coordination with DNA binding to kink and unkink the DNA. It was one of the motivations to study this chosen gene as it could teach us a lot about DNA damage done to proteins like this during the DNA binding process.

  3. What would be your next step with your gene to see if there was any use of it during DNA damage response?

    1. To triple check our experiment and confirm that it was not involved in the DNA damage response, I would want to repeat the experimental PCR again with the same primers and reagents. Then I would try to design a new set of primers to see if I could capture a different part of the genome to try to see amplification.

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