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  1. What do you think are the possible results in your time trial experiment you would like to perform?

    1. Hey Vinny,

      Our hopes are that the time trial experiments will support the antibacterial nature of the antibiotic. We wanted to observe if Betulin would be able to effectively halt bacterial growth for a longer period of time, rather than 24 hours only.

  2. Hey, Jordan. What’s the difference between a bacteriostatic and a bactericidal agent, and how is that relevant to your research?

    1. Hey Trevor,

      Bacteriostatic antibiotics work to target bacterial infections by simply stopping the growth of the bacteria. Bactericidal antibiotics work by killing the bacterial. It was relevant to our research, as we uncovered that Betulin functioned as a bacteriostatic agent against S. Typhimurium. This was important information to note, as both bacteriostatic and bactericidal antibiotics are used frequently in the medical field.

  3. You mentioned antibiotic resistance being on the rise because of mutations, but what causes those mutations. Are they in response to antiobiotics or is it another force of nature?

    1. Hey Emily,

      Antibiotic resistance is a result of spontaneous mutations in the bacteria. However the rate of these spontaneous mutations is increasing due to the frequent misuse and overuse of antibiotics in the healthcare industry, the agriculture industry, and other areas.

  4. What critical component of bacterial cell function or structure do you think betulin targets?

    1. Hey Nickles,

      Due to the similar way that Betulin functioned compared to Ampicillin, we believe that it will target the bacteria in similar ways as Ampicillin as well. Thus, we predict that Betulin will target the bacteria cell wall to inhibit bacterial growth.

  5. I’m assuming the mushroom defense was some type mix of supplements. Do you have any idea why the mushroom defense could have promoted bacterial growth, maybe something in the ingredients for it?

    1. Hi Delwin,

      You are correct! The Mushroom Defense was a dietary supplement that contained a mixture of many of the active enzymes within shiitake mushroom. We believe that the mixture promoted bacterial growth because the compound contains other vegetable roots, in addition to the active enzymes. These are dense in carbohydrates, which bacteria will feed on, hence the results that were observed with the supplement promoting growth.

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