9 thoughts on “D102 – Salomon

  1. Do you know of the specific studies performed that showed lavender essential oil having antimicrobial effects?

  2. You mention human error as a result for deviation in you data, what kinds of errors were these and how did they impact your data?

    1. We believe we might of accidentally contaminated the wells with ampicillin in some cases, increasing bacterial death, or forgetting to put lavender in the well, promoting bacteria growth

  3. What tests would you perform to confirm that some of your results are from human error? Also what kind of human error would cause this?

    1. It would be the same experiments, but hopefully since we are more experienced now, we can ensure that we are making no mistakes. The errors would be forgetting to put a compound in a well, splashing of the compounds into wells, or adding too much compound in the well.

  4. Nice presentation! What other oils would you have liked to try that may be similar to lavender oil?

  5. Hi, Julia!
    This is such an interesting topic, and you did a great job presenting!
    I was curious if there was a possibility that the salmonella bacteria can mutate to become immune to Lavandula Angustifolia just as any antibiotic. If so, is there a way to prevent that from happening?

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