3 thoughts on “D105 – Belgrad

  1. The audio isn’t working for this video. Aside from that, a question that I have for you is that it’s mentioned in the results that this compound could be as effective as ampicillin as an antibiotic compound. How did you arrive at this conclusion?

  2. The audio on this video did not work for me either but I was wondering if any other factors in your hypothesis that lead you to think that lavender essential oil could kill bacteria?

  3. Hello,
    The audio in your presentation is not working for me as well.
    I did look at your poster though and I had one question. What specific properties of lavender essential oil (biological or chemical) causes the bacteria to die. Are there any ways to chemically alter the oil to make it more effective or less likely to cause the bacteria to become immune? Your poster is great.

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