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  1. Should more tests be done to confirm that Pleuromutilin is effective against Salmonella infection? Perhaps in an animal model?

    1. Yes, unfortunately were received our Pleuromutilin extract very late and we were not able to continue with more tests but, the next step would be an in-vitro method on an animal. This is a crucial future step in order to fully determine if it has antibiotic purposes.

  2. Why do you think it was so difficult to grow L. acidophilus in culture? Do you think there could have been some procedure in your methods that made this bacteria so hard to grow even though you tried so many different methods?

    1. Hi Carter, I am not sure what you mean by L. acidophilus, as I tested the compounds of Dillapiole and Pleuromutilin. However, to answer your question in regards to my compounds, the Dillapiole was found to act very similarly to DMSO (negative control) which created the bacteria to grow. Pleuromutilin did not allow for the bacteria to grow, as it had very low absorbance rates similar to Ampicillin (positive control). I believe this was due to the fact that the compound is a potential hit and could have antimicrobial purposes.

    1. Hi Easton, unfortunately the active compound of Pleuromutilin arrived late and we were unable to test it with a wide variety of hosts.There is no evidence that the compound will work on a wide range of hosts but, the next steps of research would be to use a different host and in vitro testing. This would give solid evidence, but to this day Pleuromutilin has only been used to treat skin infections caused by Impetigo.

  3. Great job! Was there a dose response curve performed for pleuromutilin? If so, was there an observed cutoff in its effectiveness?

    1. Hi, unfortunately our Pleuromutilin active compound came in very late. Unfortunately did not have any time to do a dose response curve before the semester ended. Ideally, we would have been able to compose this method but it would be definitely be the next step in testing the compound.

  4. Do you think it could be beneficial to further study dillapiole or red mushroom powder for future studies in case there were any experimental errors in your experiment that may have effected the result of these compounds not being a hit?

    1. Hi, It could potentially be helpful to do a further study, but the results were very clear withe the Dillapiole compound. However, the Red Reishi Mushroom powder would definitely need further testing, since the brown color was effecting the results and we were unable to read results accurately due to this problem.

    1. Yes! Dillapiole and Pleuromutilin are triterpenoids that can be found in many different fungal species.

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