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  1. This was really well done! Out of curiosity, you mentioned that further experiments that more closely imitated the environment of a macrophage would be of interest to try in the future; have you hear or read about any that have already been done? What would it take to create an environment similar to a macrophage?

    1. Thank you! Salmonella was cultured in a M9 minimal media (environment similar to a macrophage) in all of the experiments that were ran in the drug discovery lab. So I have heard of these experiments being done but just from my peers and not so much from outside sources. Creating an environment that’s similar to a macrophage is important to see how the potential antibiotic would react in an animal / human.

    1. Hi! So a max dose is basically the largest dose of a medicine or drug that can be administered safely to the recipient. My group tested a 5mg/mL stock solution of the Reishi mushroom powder on the Salmonella bacteria, and then 1mg/mL stock solution for both of the active compounds on the Salmonella. The results from these tests are in the graph in the poster!

  2. Great job overall! What is the dose response experiment and the bacteriostatic experiment you mentioned?

    1. Thank you! After completing the max dose experiment (explained in the comments above), our group wanted to dilute these stock solutions further to see how this effects the growth of the Salmonella (dose response experiment). Because one of the active compounds that we tested killed the Salmonella, it’s important that we determine if it’s a bacteriostatic compound (inhibits growth) or if it’s bactericidal (kills). This helps to determine how toxic the mushroom is and if it’s too toxic to administer to animals / humans.

  3. Hi!
    Your poster is beautiful and easy to read, and your presentation was very well spoken.
    I was wondering if there were any possible side effects that Pleuromutilin could have on a human depending on different preexisting health conditions? Is there a way that the toxicity of the mushroom could affect people with different health conditions more than the expected?

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