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  1. Based on the results you presented and the increase in survival that correlated with the dosage increases, why do you think increasing the max dose will yield a better result in the experiment?

    1. Hey! What a great question! Love that you got into the results that were present and the graphs at the bottom of the poster. To answer your question: I don’t know. In general the small amount of research that has been done of this venom that has shown “promise” has all been done at a higher dosage. I’m not sure I trust it as far as I can throw the vial we received (and I’m not very strong), but if I had to do it again I would do it at the concentrations that have shown promise (something that wasn’t available to us. You also bring up a really cool point which is that this looks like it sort of protects against radiation. I’m hesitant to draw that conclusion for two reasons, 1) it’s outside the range of statistical significance 2) Dr. Harvey said so.

    1. Thanks, Delwin! Pretty cool to work through this lab (and very different from the research I’m used to doing)!

    1. This is actually a really interesting story and I’m worried I’m going to butcher the explanation, but here it goes

      Long story short: a biology in Cuba in the 80s found that it “shrank” tumors in rats and dogs. Then in the early 90s a farmer’s daughter was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and he had heard about this treatment so he asked for the biologist to give his daughter this venom mixed with water. She apparently recovered (which is huge for pancreatic cancer) and the rest is history! I’ve linked the story at the bottom of this page (love that it is “health quackery”).

      I’m not sure of the motivation behind the original research, but it’s sort of cool.


  2. Great work Richard. It’s interesting to me that Vidatox was widely used as a chemotherapeutic before, I wonder what kind of testing they did to come to that conclusion. Do you think there’s any reason why the survival rate of irradiated larvae increased after treatment with Vidatox?

    1. Hey there! Thanks for the comment. I don’t think I could say that it is widely used as a chemo. If I said that it was definitely a misstatement. Rather it has a historical use in Cuba as a treatment for several things.

      I honestly don’t know why the survival rate of the irradiated larvae increased slightly. Maybe our sample was less than pure? Maybe it needed to be refrigerated? Maybe the larvae we used a little more fight in them?

      It could also be that this venom really does serve as a tumor activator, something we found a piece of literature on as well.

  3. Great job Richard! You mentioned that Vidatox is usually more effective at a higher dosage, how did you come to that conclusion? Has there been literature published about this compound prior to your experiment testing it at much higher doses as a chemotherapeutic?

    1. Hey there! That’s a really great question and observation! I might have misspoken when I said that I drew a conclusion, rather I would like to test it at the concentration/dosages that have showed “promise.” And by promise I mean in the lit I happened across while working on our furture aims. Interestingly enough, we also found a piece of published literature that showed that it might actually be a “tumor activator.”

      That said: I have found a total of 2 pieces of literature (I don’t think either was done in the US) unless I’m remembering incorrectly. What I think would be interesting would be to mimic these studies in this lab because I see what you see (higher dosage = higher survival).

      Another thing worth mentioning is that the quality control of our sample might have been subpar, but who knows?

  4. Great job Richard! You mentioned that Vidatox is known to be more effective at higher doses as a chemotherapeutic. What led you to this conclusion? Has there been literature already published concerning this compound?

    1. Hey there! Because we’re graded on responding I’m just gonna jump in here and say the response is above on your first comment. I swear I’m not being a jerk, just want to make sure I leave a response on all comments that come my way! Hope your evening is wonderful!

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