8 thoughts on “D110 – McCrave

  1. What type of research would you want to do in the future? Would you use the same antimetabolites or would you want to change the three antimetabolites? Would you want to use the same bacteria?

    1. In the future, I would want to do the research using an animal such as a mouse to test if the antimetabolites are effective antibiotics. I believe that this would show different results due to the antimetabolites potentially working differently within the body. I would probably change the antimetabolites but use ones that were of similar structure to the ones I chose due to their history of being an effective drug. If I were to do the experiment again in the same way, I would still use salmonella because it delivers fast results, is cost efficient, and is safe.

    1. I believe that our antimetabolites failed to kill the salmonella due to their chemical properties, the way that the study was conducted, and our compound potentially not being at the max dose.

    1. Yes, nucleoside analogs are basically modified nucleosides containing nucleic acid analog and sugar. The function of nucleoside analogs is to terminate the growing DNA chain or inhibit viral replication in infected cells.

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