7 thoughts on “D115 – Nerguizian

  1. So since you said your results didn’t come out as you expected, do you think it was an experimental error or just the specific thing that you tested against the resistant bacteria?

    1. I think it was just that phytosphingosine does not have antimicrobial properties against Salmonella, at least on its own. There may be other compounds within EmuAid which may work in tandem with phytosphingosine to give it antimicrobial properties.

  2. If done again would you use EmuAid with the same bacterial strain or would you try it with a different one?

    1. I would use the same bacterial strain. However, I would test a different component of EmuAid. We know EmuAid has antimicrobial properties, but we now know it is not due to phytosphingosine, at least on its own.

  3. Do you have any prediction of what other components besides silver containing compounds in Emuaid may have antimicrobial properties?

    1. No. I have not made an exhaustive screen of all components, but the silver containing compounds seem to be the most promising by far.

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