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  1. What experiments would you conduct to determine whether AgNPs, are killing the bacteria or just inhibiting the growth

    1. To determine if AgNPs are killing the Salmonella or just stopping its growth we can conduct what’s called a Bactericidal/Bacteriostatic Experiment. This experiment exposes the bacteria to our compound for 24 hours at body temperature, then a small sample of this bacteria is added to fresh media that promotes growth and possible growth is observed. If we see growth, or high absorbance values, it can be concluded that our compound was simply inhibiting growth rather than killing the bacteria.

  2. Good job Emma this was a great presentation you talked at the perfect speed and clarity! I was wondering, why did you included you inconsistent data in your average?

    1. Thanks Meghan! We included all of our data, even the numbers that were unexpected because we wanted to make the most precise representation of how each of our dilutions behaved. By running many trials and averaging all of the data, this was the best way to keep our results accurate.

    1. Based on what scientists have proposed, we have an idea that silver compounds are effective at creating Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) which can cause a number of problems for bacteria, including DNA Damage, Enzyme Inactivation, Ribosome Disintegration, and Protein Denaturation. However, most of these proposed mechanisms of attack are hypothetical; and for the future directions of our research, more investigation into the real reason they are able to effectively kill the bacteria should be conducted.

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