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  1. Does Oleuropein only having a significant effect with radiation only apply to vertebrae?

    1. So, since our experiment was on invertebrates, there’s no way of telling the effects Oleuropein has on vertebrate animals until that experiment has been conducted. However, based on the results from this lab, Oleuropein by itself (with no radiation) was still successful in killing the Drosophila which shows potential for the same results in vertebrates.

    1. Although Im not sure of the exact time period nor procedure to when Oleuropein was discovered to be healthy, research on the compound has been ongoing since the early 1900s; Oleuropein is said to be beneficial to health as it has multiple benefits such as it having anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antioxidant, and other great properties.

    1. Great question! I wouldn’t want to overdo it on increasing the dose simply because I wouldn’t want the compound to start acting as a toxin, however I would perform a 1:2 dilution series starting with a concentration of 110 ug/mL, and take it from there.

    1. We initially started this trial by researching all sorts of compounds that has the potential to work as a chemotherapeutic. We were also given a list of compounds we could experiment, however we came across the compound Oleuropein and after reading about the benefits (especially the ones relating to cancer, such as inducing apoptosis and inhibiting proliferation) we decided that the compound had potential!

    1. If the compound was not soluble, it would be extremely difficult to incorporate the compound into this sort of experiment. The DMSO (the solvent Oleuropein was dissolved in) helped with the process of increasing or decreasing the concentrations of the compound solution we added to the foods. If specifically you are asking if it wasn’t soluble in DMSO, there were other solvents the Oleuropein was soluble in so we could’ve used an alternative. However, if the compound wasn’t soluble in anything, the best option would probably be to choose a different compound.

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