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  1. If Oleuropein is not a good candidate for cancer treatment what other medical treatments do you think it could possibly be used for?

    1. Probably none, it is healthy so it would make a good nutritional supplement but I don’t think it could be used as a medicine.

    1. The dose curve showed that as the dose decreased the survival rates increased. We never reached a point where the dosage did not change the survival rate which would have been the point that we stop raising the dose.

    1. If there was no change in survival rates with the different doses that would mean that any amount was just killing the flies which would be a toxin. Since the survival rates did change then we know it was the amount of drug that killed them, not that it is a toxin.

    1. Synergistic properties would be better suited for chemotherapy use. The effects of a chemotherapy should have the most effect they can so additive properties are not optimal.

  2. What would you say was the hardest or most challenging part of your research and experimentation?

    1. Honestly, getting the food into the test tubes without getting it on the sides of the test tube was the hardest thing. All of it was interesting to do and learn though.

    1. There aren’t any drawbacks to using the Drosophila melanogaster from an experimental point of view. They did get in our hair when we were breeding them though.

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