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  1. Why were the flies separated by size? What difference would it have made if they weren’t? Also, why do you think Aeroplysinin-1 was more effective in low concentrations rather than high concentrations?

  2. Why do you suppose that the drug was more effective in low concentrations than high concentrations?

  3. @Annie- the flies were separated by size in order to isolate the third instar larvae from the others as the third instar larvae specifically serve as our model of a tumor. (We use a sieve that separates the sizes–larger are used to make more eggs and smaller are incubated for a bit longer to develop into the third instar). During the third instar period, the flies are undergoing rapid cell differentiation, much like in cancer tumors. This allows us to mimic the cancer cell environment using a readily available model.

  4. @Abby–I think there is a possibility of error in one of the batches–in the most dilute series the vials containing the DMSO (the negative control vials) also had a lower than normal survival rate which lead me to believe that perhaps the food or larvae were in some way contaminated. I think we would need to run all the dilutions again to be sure of our results, that the effects were from the drug, and not an external factor. If the results do hold true, I’m not sure why the lower dosages would be more effective. That is something we’d definitely want to investigate further. Maybe it could do with cell regulation at high doses–that something in the compound triggers a cellular response that lower doses somehow don’t trigger?

  5. Why would a low concentration be more effective than a high concentration? If the experiment is wrong, which step do you think is wrong

  6. @Jiahao we are not sure why it would be more effective, but like I said in the previous comment, perhaps it has to do with triggering a cell response at elevated doses?

    If there was an error, I think it could have happened in the food–that there was bacteria in the food that causes more larvae to die than in the first batch of food, or maybe an infection in the larvae population itself in the lower dilution batches which causes die off at higher rates than we saw in our higher concentrations.

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