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  1. Matthew Beck 1161
    If Allicin (apologies if a spelling error) is unstable, how does that translate to a potentially useful drug? Pardon my inexperience, but wouldn’t you want antibiotics to be as stable as possible?

    1. You’re exactly right in saying that an antibiotic should be as stable as possible. We did not specifically know that the degradation of allicin would affect our results so drastically during testing, so this was one of our major conclusions of allicin. Thus in the future, there could be specific medicinal chemistry modifications to the molecule of allicin that could make it more stable. Additionally, certain solvents could possible stabilize allicin and prevent it from degrading as fast. There are many drugs that are not very stable in their base form at room temperature, like the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines that require supercool temperatures in order to be stored and not degrade.

  2. Is there a way to prevent allisin from degrading so quickly? Which experiments (besides dose dependent) could you do to check its efficiency?

    1. Certain modifications to the molecule could be added on in order to increase the stability of allicin and potentially storing allicin in different solvents could prevent allicin from degrading as quickly. A simple experiment we could run to see how fast it degrades is by running a large range of doses of allicin to see the absorbances of the bacteria at different concentrations of allicin initially. Then, you could test a singular concentrations absorbance in salmonella over a number of weeks to see how much absorbances of that sample changes over time.

  3. It seems like there were different concentrations of allicin throughout the days. Why is that? Also can all the variation be attributed to its instability?

    1. The reason why we had different concentrations throughout the days is that we had expected the first 4 concentrations of allicin to show a dose dependent curve. But after seeing our day 2 results, we expanded our concentration curve with further smaller dilutions on the 3rd day and on the 4th day, we wanted to use the whole range of dilutions we had to get more data to support our hypothesis. And after seeing all of the results for every day, we formulated our conclusions. We cannot attribute all the variation to its instability as there is likely some human error that contributed to the variation, but we suspect that the systemic variance throughout the days is due to the degradation of allicin.

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