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    1. I don’t. So that is a good question because that is the same question we had. We were a little confused why in the dosing series we didn’t get a hit on the highest dose. That is why in our recommendations we said we would repeat the dosing series to get more reliable results.

    1. We would repeat it with radiation and without radiation to determine if there is a difference between the additive or synergistic effect that is possible. Our results concluded that there was and additive effect, but with more results, it could be determined more conclusively that it is synergistic. We would just need more data.

  1. Any thoughts on trying a wide array of drug doses to see if activity is only present at extremely low and high doses?

    1. We would definitely encourage a broader dose response curve to identify what doses would be the most, effective. In our dose response it seemed that lower doses were more effective, but we would need more data to determine that conclusively.

  2. What are a few reasons that you can think of that could have caused you to get contradicting results?

    1. I’m not completely sure. I think human error is always a possibility so I would need to repeat each experiment many more times to get results that are reliable. I also think it could ne due to that amount of larvae we had in the week that we were conducting our experiments that included the dosing series which gave us results that didn’t quite make sense. All of these experiments would need to be repeated more to get data that is reliable.

    1. We don’t really know except that it suggests that lower doses of our Allicin might be more effective than our higher doses. Some drugs do this (very few to my knowledge), but we would really need to perform this experiment more to understand this dosing curve.

  3. Are there any specific cancer types this research should be applied to, or could it be any kind?

    1. The research we found for our possible chemotherapeutic was related to glioma cells, but the research is promising for many different types of cells. So, I think it is so new that it could be applied to all cells , but then be narrowed down maybe as the research in it advanced.

  4. If you were to replicate these experiments in the future, what would you change to try and collect better data on the Allicin dosage effects on survival?

    1. I would repeat the dosing series for sure. I would do a 1:0.5 dilution series in the future.

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