8 thoughts on “D13c – Herz

    1. I was unable to find anything in the scholarly articles I found on what makes pine needle effective and that is something I would love to delve into as I did not have time to in this drug discovery lab, but it was something I was also interested in!

  1. Would being either bacterialstatic or bacteriacidal affect its effectiveness as an antibiotic?

    1. I am under the impression that it potentially could, but it would also mean they would serve different purposes as antibiotics. Since bacteriostatic means it would prevent growth of more bacteria and then bactericidal means it would kill the bacteria completely. There are certain times we would need the bacteria to be completely killed, like in instances of immosuppressed individuals whose immune system would not be able to catch up necessarily even with a bacteriostatic antibiotic.

    1. It was some-what a random idea but I think the talk of antibiotics being found in soil truly inspired me to look at trees and plants. Then once I started to research I was finding a ton of articles on the effectiveness of pine needle and the history of it in Korea being used as herbal medicine.

    1. I would say it comes more from a homeopathic lens but I still wouldn’t categorize it as that as much as a naturalistic approach and being easily accessible.

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