10 thoughts on “D14 – Castellano

  1. why did yall continue to use 2500 rads in your negative control if the percent survival for that was well above 50 percent survival? do you think that contributed to what is considered a hit.

    1. The goal was to find a compound that worked with radiation, so we had to know the survival rate of radiation alone to know if the combined effects were synergistic or not. Does the drug work in combination, only on its own or does the radiation diminish its effects?

  2. Do you think using different food batches caused the results to change from what was expected?

    1. It is certainly a possibility. There was an issue with a batch of food (not ours), so it is entirely possible that this was the reason for differences in our survival rates between runs. We’d like to try it again with a single batch of food to see if we could replicate these results.

    1. Two standard deviations is a common statistical limit for determining outliers in data. Once we know the mean survival rate of radiation alone, the standard deviation is the +/- error in the data. Stepping twice that out should indicate a significant result. (Anything inside it could be considered statistical error. And I don’t believe that I suddenly understand statistics now.) Our positive control was the perfect distance of 2 standard deviations away from the mean, so we wanted to find something that would produce similar results.

  3. To what extent do you think the switch between flies that was mentioned went on to affect these results? With the same group of flies being constant would different results be expected?

    1. I think it could have certainly affected the results. Even though all groups used more or less the same pool of flies, the population refreshes every week because the life cycle is so short. Because we used flies from 2 different generations, there was opportunity for some extra-experimental factor to be introduced.

  4. Is there other types of food that might work better to change the results of the experiment.

    1. Excellent question! To be honest, I didn’t even know you could buy dedicated fly food until starting this project, so there is probably more than one product out there, and therefore could produce different results. Since this is the food that’s been used historically by Dr. Su’s lab, we have to stick with it for scientific consistency.

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