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  1. If you were to use another compound other than sulphorophane what would you expect? Would there be a possibility of toxins present?

    1. Hi Kristina, if my group used another compound that was not sulforaphane, I would expect the compound to work against Salmonella Typhimurium as long as the compound showed antimicrobial properties. I don’t know if there would be toxins present, but it is a good question.

  2. What was the highest concentration of Sulforaphane used against Salmonella in your dosing series? Why was that concentration used and/or did you consider using a higher concentration of Sulforaphane?

    1. Hi Christopher, the highest concentration we used in our dosing series was 1 mg/mL. That was the max dose that we could use to see if sulforaphane would work.

    1. Hi Jackson, we would try and reduce the amount of error possible by using a more clear compound of sulforaphane, a clean and useable bacteria and any other chemical or compound that is clean and has not been used by someone else.

  3. Regarding your future directions… What other kind of media would you use in your retesting? And what specific bacteria would you be interested in testing the effects of Sulforaphane?

    1. Hi Cara, I don’t know what type of media we would use for retesting so I would have to look into that. I would be interested in using other strains of Salmonella or E-coli or something similar to these bacterium so that we could fully determine if sulforaphane does not work against gram-negative bacteria.

    1. Hi Sophie, I don’t truly know what your question is saying, but if you are saying that how is it clear that a bacteria, virus, etc has toxins or not, I can answer it to the best of my ability. A toxin is a substance that causes health problems or could be poisonous. So, if we tested something that caused health problems in a person and sulforaphane worked at stopping and defeating the substance, then the toxins would be gone. But as far as I know, I cannot fully tell if any singular compound has toxins present or not without background information or help from someone with more knowledge than me. Overall, great question.

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