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  1. Great job! For future testing of Drosophila do you believe the methods you presented in your poster will display the most accurate results? Or are there other methods you would like to explore?

    1. Great question! Our methods were good for this baseline testing! For future testing we recommend a Vidatox and Radiation dosing series and tests on larger populations! The Vidatox effective dose/concetration we believe needs to be found along with the radiation dosage, this is so the “happy medium” can be found. The happy medium being effective but not toxic.

  2. Nice! How do you think vidatox may act as a radiation sensitizer? What might the mechanism be based on previous literature?

    1. Amazing question! The vidatox apppeared to increase the effectiveness of the radiation, this is commonly done by a compound helping to destroy a cells DNA damage response, thus the radiation can have more of an effect, we think that this may be the case with Vidatox. But this may also be the Vidatox acting as a venom/poison with the radiation. So we encourage further testing to be completely sure!

  3. Good job! Why do you think you see a change in survival rate with the change in dosage?

    1. Nice question! We think that the change in survival rate is due to some experimental error, and that the effective dose of Vidatox needs to be found!

  4. Hi Caleb, awesome presentation! What interested you in this experimentation on Vidatox and Drosophila Melanogaster in the first place? Thanks!

    1. We looked at the Drosophila as its 3rd Instar larval stage successfully models head and neck cancers in human. This stage has lots of rapidly growing cells, like tumors, which was our target with Vidatox. We chose Vidatox as, NHI and NIC drug screens have often found that organic compounds have decent chances of being potential chemotherapies!

  5. You mention that further testing is required to make an actual conclusion on the effectiveness, what does that look like to you? How big of an experiment would you need to prove the effectiveness?

    1. That would include testing on the effective dose of both the Vidatox and radiation. We’d like to see larger populations or just more tests in general. To prove the effectiveness, we’d like to consistent hit survival rates with the concentrations!

  6. Great presentation! Did you expect the dosage with the 0.125% concentration to be the one with the lowest survival rate? What was your hypothesis going into this experiment?

    1. No we did not! Our hypothesis was that Vidatox was going to be effective at the highest dose and would act additively with the radiation!

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