8 thoughts on “D14b – Neukrich

    1. I am unsure to why this is, further testing would need to be done for this compound. It is most likely because it is an endocrine disruptor, because they commonly have this U shaped curve.

  1. Since it had a low effective dose and is unusual, what other compounds are also effective at this rate and why might that be?

    1. CBD also shows a dose response curve similar to this one when treating anxiety. This is typically seen with endocrine disruptors which interfere with the endocrine system in order to be effective.

    1. It would take further testing in the lab along with testing on animals. After that, they could go to the clinical trial stage if it continued to prove effective. Then it would take several stages and years of clinical testing and hopefully would get approved by the FDA to be released to the public.

    1. Yes, it will! It dictates what path we will take moving forward if the compound is tested further. We can do further testing to see the lowest dosage to see the lowest effective doses. We can also see whether it behaves as an endocrine disruptor or just see what the drug does to be effective in lower dosages.

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