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  1. In your poster you say that you want to test the compounds in Grape seed oil, do you think that the GSE has something in it that is acting as the chemotherapy or that every compound acting together creates the chemotherapeutic effect?

    1. Hi Alejandro! GSE contains phytochemicals which are compounds that offer many health benefits. These chemicals help inhibit cancerous changes within cells, which prevents the cancer from growing and spreading. These properties definitely enhance the effects of radiation, however, my group’s data also suggests that GSE alone can around 67% of the flies. This leads us to believe that GSE alone contains properties that display chemotherapeutic effects, however further testing must be done with GSE alone to conclude results.

  2. Hi, I really enjoyed this, I was wondering if the grape seed extract would only be harmful to cancerous cells or is it just toxic in general and then could therefore harm all cells if used as chemotherapy?

    1. Hi Pauline! I believe the grape seed extract would mainly act harmful towards cancerous cells because the GSE actually enhanced the effects of the radiation, which is shown from our synergistic experiment. The GSE enhances the other mode of treatment more than it decreases the percent survival on its own, which shows it has less of an effect on the cells directly. Therefore, the GSE would more likely target only cancer cells, rather than other healthy cells. GSE is typically not toxic as it also used as a dietary supplement to aid in cardiovascular diseases and maintaining cholesterol levels.

  3. This is incredible that grape seed extract could be used in chemotherapy! So just a clarifying question, the fly’s were acting as a tumor and the grape seed extract was used to try to stop cell division within the fly? So killing the fly indicated that the grape seed extract was preventing cell division and therefore could maybe be used in chemotherapy?

    1. Hi Anika! Yes, you are correct! The flies closely resemble a cancerous tumor, so if our compound kills them, we can conclude that our compound displays chemotherapeutic effects. We specifically tested the flies when they were in their third instar larva phase because this is the time in which they are undergoing the fastest rate of cell division.

  4. Wow! This was very interesting! Do you think there are different types of grape seeds (from different species of grapes) and subsequently extract that could be tested in the future?

    1. Hi Jacob! This is a great question! Grape seed extract is extracted from wine grapes as they tend to display many antioxidant benefits. Although I am uncertain of the specific grape species used in extracting the grape seed oils, I am sure further investigation can be done to determine whether different extracts display different effects on cancerous cells. In fact, our group may consider this in our future directions to determine whether different grapes can increase of decrease percent survival in the flies.

  5. I thought your presentation was great. I was wondering, would using grape seed extract be harmful to all cells in the area or just cancerous ones?

    1. Hi Tyler! Grape seed extract would mainly be harmful to the cancerous cells only as the antioxidant benefits displayed by the extract targets cancerous pathways within the cancer cell. These properties target rapid cellular growth, which is only found in cancerous cells, thus ensuring the safety of the normal cells in the body. Also, GSE works best at enhancing the effects of radiation, therefore targeting cancer cells specifically. However, high concentrations of GSE can produce various effects, hence our dilutions series to find the most effective dose to kill the flies with. Overall, GSE is generally safe as it is used as a dietary supplement as well that induces great health benefits.

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