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    1. Just to inform them that further testing would be required for future clinical trials in terms of toxicity would be important. Furthermore, by determining how specifically the GSE could be toxic could also be vital information for future clinical trials as they study the direct effect it has on the cells.

  1. You mention finding new chemo treatments is important, why? Do the old ones not work as well?

    1. The old ones do work just as well, but oftentimes the patient begins to build resistance to the chemotherapies as well due to mutations in the cancer cell, making them less effective especially during a long-term treatment for tumors.

  2. Is the purpose of using grape seed extract in cancer treatments meant to be used as a cocktail of both the extract and chemo or in the future do you predict it to be a more homeopathic way for cancer treatment. Great presentation!

    1. Yes, it is meant as a cocktail of the two, which would probably be better for the patient as combination therapy has been shown to lower the toxic effects of certain cancer treatments, but if the GSE is proven to be efficient enough on it’s own, I think that would be excellent.

    1. It doesn’t necessarily emit less radiation, but by utilizing a chemotherapy that works really well, you can decrease the levels of radiation that needs to be used and it will still be efficient in killing the tumor cells.

  3. What would it mean for potential therapeutic uses if the extract were still useful in a more diluted form?

    1. It would mean that there the extract could potentially be less harmful for the patient than other aggressive forms of therapy.

  4. hello, great presentation! if this form of cancer treatment is successful, why hasn’t this technique been implemented more widely?

    1. I am not completely sure. It has been studied, and show much promise. I believe it just needs to be studied more.

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