7 thoughts on “D16a – Hutchings

  1. How could you test if it was a viable drug for Eukaryotic human cells? Do you think it has any promise as an antibiotic?

    1. We would introduce eukaryotic cells in an in vitro experiment to see if there is a therapeutic index in which we could see if it could be used. It definitely has promise to be a potential antibiotic.

  2. This sounds like a really interesting series of experiments! Why did you use absorbance as a measure of bacterial growth?

    1. We used absorbance because we could easily see if it impacted the growth of the Salmonella.

  3. in your talk you mentioned using an in vivo model to see how the compound works. Would you think this is a good idea because venom shuts down our nervous system and many other animals. How could you alter your compound to achieve a better therapeutic index?

    1. If it showed promising results during the in vitro experiments with eukaryotic cells we would have to see how it would impact the entire body such as the nervous system. There hasn’t been much research in it but it is possible to test to see which components of Vidatox actually impact the bacteria and if it had no unwanted side effects.

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